Wesoichay – Malaria

We hope to contribute with the reduction of malaria events in remote areas with native population in the Venezuelan Guayana, where the highest incidence rates of the disease take place on a national escale. The specific goal is to strengthen skills and local participation in the design and execution of measures for malaria control, which are adequate for the epidemiological conditions of the Caura (Sucre Municipality), and the health needs of the native Ye ‘kwana and Sanema communities.

 Bevilacqua, M., D.A. Medina; L. Cárdenas, Rubio-Palis, J. Moreno; A. Martínez y todos los Auxiliares de Medicina Simplificada y Microscopistas Indígenas del Caura. 2009. Orientaciones para fortalecer el programa de malaria en zonas remotas con población indígena en el Caura, Venezuela. Boletín de Malariología y Salud Ambiental. (49): 53-71. LINK



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