Mariapía Bevilacqua

Co-founder and President of ACOANA. PhD in Biology and field ecologist. «My research interests are Biology of Conservation with human well-being, and my research includes systemic and transdisciplinary approaches designed from qualitative, quantitative , and ideological perspectives. I have 25 years of experience in research analysis, strategic planning, management, evaluation and supervision of projects and programs specialized in natural resource management, protected areas, and native territories. During the last 10 years I have also been working with neglected tropical diseases (malaria and parasitosis) with special focus on the region of Guayana and native communities. For us to reach biodiversity conservation is centered in what people want and are capable of being and doing to live the life they wish, linked with valuable functions of natural eco systems, which are the pillars of sustainable development. We see development as an effort to move towards the real liberties that are enjoyed by individuals; therefore, solutions provided inside the communities, and their good practices are part of our interest to promote such liberties with impact in the conservation of biodiversity».

    Zenaida Muria

    Certified Public Accountant with a major in Business Finance. «During the last 18 years I have been Managing Director of the Venezuelan Association for the Conservation of Natural Areas, ACOANA ( I am responsible for leading the organization’s strategic management, through an administrative unit dedicated to the financial and accounting management of projects with the purpose to maximize the use of resources and to guarantee the continuity and sustainability of the Organization to achieve its goals. In more than 25 years of work as a Certified Public Accountant, I have developed a wide experience in finance, budgets, project impact evaluation, taxes, and support to international auditing firms. Such experience has allowed me to guarantee transparency in accountability towards the (public and private, national and international) institutions with which we have developed projects».